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  • Offenhauser 3640 LaSalle-Cad Trans Adapter


    Offenhauser 3640 LaSalle-Cad Trans Adapter. Has early Ford mounting flange or bolt pattern. Adapts to any other adapter that has Early Ford Trans Flange. From there to Cad or LaSalle Trans. Uses stock Early Ford Clutch Release, shaft, fork, throw out bearings, etc. This allows the us of the mentioned transmission in place of the Early Ford type. Used after the installation has been made with an Early Ford trans., and same does not stand up. When using this adaptor, no clutch linkage changes are necessary, such as pendulum pedals, slave cylinder, etc.Please note that this product is currently not being manufactured by Offenhauser.

  • Offenhauser 5272 Manual Trans to Flathead V8 Adapter


    Offenhauser 5272 Manual Trans to Flathead V8 Adapter. Permits use of early Ford clutch release shaft, fork and throw out bearing, when connecting Chevrolet transmission to early Ford and Mercury adapter flange. Throwout bearing must be used with a Long-style pressure plate. Includes pilot bushing adapter. Please note that other linkage is not included and must be purchased separately.