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  • Offenhauser 109 Spin On By-Pass Adapter

    • Spin-On By Pass Adapter
    • Cadillac All 1960 and Up
    • Oldsmobile All 1960 and Up
    • Pontiac All 1960 and Up
    • Rambler Ambassador V8 No N-55756 1959 and Up
    • Studebaker Lark 6 cylinder No S-248301 1962 and Up
    • Studebaker Hawk V8 No P-90826 1962 and Up
    • Studebaker Avanti V8 1962 and Up


  • Offenhauser 1190 Valve Covers


    Offenhauser 1190 Valve Covers for Studebaker V8. 5/10/21: Please note that the pattern is currently being retooled at the foundry and is currently out of stock.  

  • Offenhauser 4058 Chevrolet Transmission Bolt Flange to Studebaker


    Offenhauser 4058 Chevrolet Transmission Bolt Bolt Flange to Studebaker Transmission. Engine Adapter Chevy pattern 4 or 5 Speed Trans bolt Flange to Studebaker Bellhousing. Please note that this product is currently not being manufactured, although there is a master and pattern that still exist. 


    The transmission adapter #4058 bolts to the Chevrolet V8 Housing #3755343 to complete the connection of the Chevrolet V8 engine to the ’51-’59 Studebaker Commander transmission…standard or with over drive. These instructions are based on the engine being originally equipped with an automatic transmission. Complete list of parts needed to install the Chevrolet V8 engine to your Studebaker transmission follows:

    • 3755343 Standard transmission type Chevrolet V8 flywheel housing
    • 3729003 Standard transmission type Chevrolet V8 flywheel housing
    • 838653 clutch cover bolts, Chevrolet V8 type, use six
    • 558805 Oldsmobile flywheel bolts, use six
    • 3741460 Chevrolet V8 clutch fork assembly
    • 900018 Chevrolet V8 throw out bearing assembly
    • 361402 Borg 10 1/2″ clutch cover assembly
    • CD873 Borg 10 1/2″ clutch disc.

    It will be necessary for you to machine the front bearing retainer of the Studebaker Transmission down to the 1.370″ to accommodate the Chevrolet V8 throw out bearing assembly 900018. Remove any bearings or bushing in the Chevrolet V8 crankshaft and install the special pilot bearing furnished with the adapter #4058. You will need four 1/2 x 1 1/2 NC bolts.  NOTE: Many special parts such as Universal Headers, Motor Mounts, Aluminum Flywheel, Special HD, etc, are available from your local speed shop. Check there for your needs.






  • Vintage Speed FB-2X2-8 Fuel Block-2X2


    Cast Alum-1/4″npt In-1/4″npt Out   True custom style– Like Offy but a bit smaller in size and with 1/4″npt in-1/4″npt out instead of those OFFY huge 3/8″npt outlets.–NOTE-Designed by us to give you that classic art deco rounded Offy style in a 2×2 block. Cast alum finish. MADE IN THE USA!!!

  • Vintage Speed FB-3X2-10 Fuel Block 3X2 Nostaglia-Almquist Style


    This block is like the ALMQUIST block made in the early 50’s–ALMQUIST had fins on all there products.Satin cast alum finish with polished fins. MADE IN THE USA!!!

  • Vintage Speed FB-3X2-6 Fuel Block 3×2


    Cast Alum-Firewall Mount   Real nostalia style-cast alum. Vintage Speed block has one 1/4″npt inlet and 3 outlets.Block is marked “FUEL BLOCK” only. This type block was sold by all the speed shops in the 50’s and 60’s. MADE IN THE USA!!!