Offenhauser 1075 Manifold


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Said to be its most popular flathead intake, Offenhauser’s 2×2 Regular intake has closely spaced carbs. The Offy regular dual intake accepts two 3-bolt carbs. Great addition to a street oriented engine. Has 4-3/4″ carb centers.

The generator may not fit into the stock location due to the clearance issue with the carburetor.  The generator can be relocated to the passenger side using bracket.

  • Carb pads are angled as they were on stock 49-53 intakes
  • Front drivers side accessory hole is for draft tube and measures 1.25″
  • Rear drivers side accessory hole is for oil fill tube and measures 1.375″


Specifically designed to fit ’49–’53 models, which allowed Offy to move the carbs 1-inch further forward compared to the competitors intakes. This relocation was worth 2.8 more peak horsepower over the competitors but at the cost of 1.2 lb-ft less torque. Overall, the Offy had slightly better overall average power and torque numbers. This twin carb set up produces better numbers than Offy’s single four-barrel intakes.

Note: If used with our progressive linkage kit, the front carburetor will need to be set as the primary.


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