Offenhauser 1068 425, Ford Flathead V8 Cylinder Heads 1939-1948


These genuine Offenhauser flathead Ford heads are finned for high heat dissipation, bigger water capacity for “built” engines and everybody knows, nothing beats a full-dress flathead for beauty! Heads have a .425″ valve relief.

3-5/16″ bore, 4″ stroke = 9:1 compression ratio
3-5/16″ bore, 3 3/4″ stroke = 8.6:1 compression ratio.

Fit 1939-1948 Ford Flathead Motors

• Extra heavy aluminum alloy construction.
• Precision cast with maximum rib design.
• Cooler running with more water capacity.
• More fin area for rapid heat dissipation.
• Water jackets close to critical heat points.
• Finest available for street, highway or competition use.
• Extremely popular because of superior workmanship and proven quality.

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Cast Aluminum High Compression Ford Cylinder Heads

In the selection of a power head, do not be misled by high compression ratios. It is true, that if every power factor involved were 100% efficient, then the higher the compression ratio, the more power developed. However, where the engine is not custom made, it very often proves that a lower compression ratio will produce a higher overall efficiency. For special compression ratios, advise bore, stroke, and whether block is relieved.


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