Offenhauser 6227C Intake Manifold


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Offenhauser 6227C Intake Manifold. Add some muscle! Offenhauser C Series intake manifolds fill the gap between stock and competition setups for 4 and 6-cylinder cars and pickups. They improve torque in the mid and upper ranges, with power bands that span from 2,500 rpm to more than 7,000 rpm. Smaller applications use Holley 5200 or Weber 32/36 Series 2-barrel carbs. Holley 2300s can be used for competition with an adapter. Six-cylinder, 4-barrel versions can use square bore Holley or Carter carbs. Emission-control provisions can be blocked off for competition.

Intake Manifold, C-Series, Aluminum, Natural, Square Bore, Ford, 240/300, L6

Please note that this is an extremely popular intake and it sells out very quickly. If this item is listed on backorder, the estimated ship date is currently 4-6 months. 



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