Offenhauser 5903 Chevrolet 327-400 Small Block Low Profile Ram Intake Manifold Dual Quad Top 


Small Block Chevy Low Profile Ram Dual Quad Top

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The Fabulous Offenhauser
Low Profile RAM 

Hundreds of hours of dyno testing have proven that the Offenhauser low profile ram manifold is designed to suit your particular needs. Would you believe 50 HORSEPOWER more than a single quad High rise with the single quad low profile. Yes!! that is a fact with a smooth performance that makes your engine respond equally as well on the street as on the drag strip. No flat spots from low R.P.M. to extreme top end. Prices include gaskets and cap screws when ordered as a unit

The dual quad is even stronger than the single quad which would really appeal to the all-out racer. 20 Horsepower plus over 7,000 R.P.M. or a total increase of over 70 Horsepower plus when compared to the single quad high rise manifolds that are now being used.

SPECIAL DUAL LINKAGE FOR ABOVE FITS CARTER OR HOLLEY CARBS Designed especially for this dual setup, using only high-quality fittings. This setup is definitely recommended for top performance. Part #5902


Fuel System Type:
Carburetor Quantity:
Carburetor Flange Type:
4-Barrel Square Bore
Material Type:
Bolt Hole Pattern:
5.160″ x 5.625″

Small block Chevy low profile dual quad intake top from Offenhauser. Made out of aluminum. Designed for 327-400.


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