Offenhauser 3413 Buick 3×2 Intake Manifold 1953-1956


For Buick 264 and 322 V8 Engines. Dual & triple combination. 360 degree Equa-flow.


Deliver full fuel charge to each cylinder with no compromise.  Incorporating the famous and Original Offenhauser dual-triple design. Winning two-way combination. Dual set-up for street use. Triple manifold for competition.

Performance proven for high speed. Delivers all the power. Increases engine efficiency. Drilled for either 3 bolt Stromberg or small 4 bolt Rochester 2GC carburetors w/ side fuel inlet. Be sure to specify 3 bolt or 4 bolt when ordering.  These manifolds must be ordered as 3 bolt or 4 bolt.

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3B, 4B


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