Offenhauser 6130 Chrysler 273-318 Dial-A-Flow Manifold (1966 and later) Reg 4 bbl Carb


Dial-A-Flow Manifold Chrysler 273-318 (1966 and later) Reg 4 bbl Carb

Manifolds can be ordered with any insert. But, unless otherwise specified, each manifold is complete with a universal flow control adaptor plate and a STAGE I Flow Control Insert. Additional inserts, as well as adapter plates, can be ordered separately.

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The DIAL-A-FLOW opens up a new way of thinking when it comes to choosing an intake manifold. The key to this new design is the specifically designed plenum chamber and FLOW CONTROL INSERTS. Simply stated, the flow control inserts control the velocity, volume, and flow of the gas/air mixture from the plenum through the runners to the intake ports. There are the three basic inserts: STAGE I (Maximum Velocity High Torque Factor); Stage II (Mid RPM torque and horsepower range); Stage III (Maximum RPM torque and horsepower range)

In other words, it’s possible to run say a  550-600 CFM carb, Monday through Saturday with a stage I insert and maintain a reasonable level of fuel economy and low-speed tractability. But on Saturday night you can bolt on a STAGE II insert, and, using the same carb, be competitive on the strip. In fact, since it’s only a matter of unbolting the carb, linkage, and fuel fittings, you can make the change right in the pits. (To facilitate testing procedures, Offy engineers outfitted carburetors with “Quick-Change” Fittings that are very practical and available through speed shops everywhere.)

Now the best part; the Dial-A-Flow manifold can be tailored to your individual requirements by modifying the Flow-Control Inserts. They’re made of 316 alloy that can be easily shaped with rotary files or carborundum, yet they’re tough enough to take the extreme temperatures found in the plenum chamber, and unlike a manifold that costs a hundred bucks, if you slip with the grinder, it’s only a few bucks to replace the insert

The DIAL-A-FLOW by Offenhauser represents performance, economy, versatility as well as a challenge to hot rodders.


The following are part numbers for Flow Control Inserts and Universal
Adapter Plate. Keep in mind that flow inserts and adapter plate
fit any of the Dial-A-Flow manifolds except for Cleveland applications
as noted.
6132 -Flow Control Insert – STAGE I Order 6132-C for Cleveland Application.
6133 -Flow Control Insert – STAGE II Order 6133-C for Cleveland Application.
6134 -Flow Control Insert – STAGE Ill Order 6134-C for Cleveland Application.
6135 -Universal Flow Control Adapter Plate
6151 -Special Gasket (for use between Adapter Plate and-Manifold Top)

Note that any of the three FCI s can be ordered with the manifold. If no specific designation is made when the manifold is ordered, it will automatically come with a Stage Flow Control Insert. Keep in mind that the Flow Control Inserts are designed to work with a Std. 4 bbl Carb only.



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