Offenhauser 5191 Buick 360 Degree Dual-Quad Low-Rise Intake Manifold


Buick 401-425 Works with AFB Carbs Only

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Offenhauser 360 Degree Dual-Quad Low-Rise Intake Manifolds

Offenhauser 360° Equo-Flow Manifolds are engineered to overcome the problem of starved cylinders by providing the flow characteristics necessary for maximum horsepower output. 360° Equo- Flow design means that every cylinder receives the same amount of fuel/ air mixture.

Looking back, over fifteen years ago Offenhauser broke away from the old 180° design and introduced a 360° design manifold which other manifold manufacturers are now following.

You get full benefit of improved fuel passages on every single engine stroke, there is no downtime with a 360° – your engine operates at full capacity at all times. So-called 180° manifolds operate on a parttime basis due to the fact that one side of the manifold is “down” while fuel is delivered to the other side of the engine.

Exclusive plenum chamber design of Offenhauser 360° Equa-Flow Manifold wipes out flat spots in all RPM ranges. Gives you smooth … unrestricted flow of fuel … continuously. Each cylinder receives equal fuel flow without interruption or oscillation. You get vibration-free smoothness and power rammed distribution through balanced efficiency. Hands you more power off the line . .. a fantastic top end improvement. Dyno, StreetStrip Proven. Test results show a 20 H.P. increase at 6500 RPM over competitive manifold.


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