Offenhauser 5911 Chrysler 413-440 Competition Manifold Base


Competition Manifold Chrysler 413-440 BASE ONLY

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Turbo Thrust Power Port Manifolds

A whole series of COMPETITION Manifolds designed to suit your particular needs. Tested and proven to outperform other so-called top performers, these combinations appeal to not only the professional, but also to those who demand the finest performance products that can be purchased anywhere.


To receive the maximum performance from your OFFENHAUSER TURBO-THRUST Manifold it is very important that you do not modify the top in any way! Our reason for suggesting this is that after hundreds of hours of testing with many types of flow systems we finalized with the design that is incorporated in this unit. The center space bar is very import ant to stabilize the internal flow of this manifold through all stages of R.P.M. To modify in any way will definitely be detrimental to the efficiency of this engineered manifold throughout all R.P.M. Ranges.


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