Arias Components Engineered Valley Pan


Arias Components Engineered Valley Pan for Buick 364-400-401-425 Nailhead, 1957-66, each.

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ACE’s valley pan boast that classic finned look that will compliment your 364-425 Buick Nailhead.  The only aftermarket cast valley pan which clears the OEM dual quad manifold – without modification!


  • Fully machined gasket sealing surface
  • Drilled for 5/16″ bolts
  • Includes mounting bolt rubber washers (not OEM grommets)
  • Provision for filler tube/breather
  • Does not fit 264-322, 1953-56
  • 356 heat-treated aluminum
  • Shot-peened matte finish
  • Weight 2.5 pounds each
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Sold as single


  • Part number: VP05010-1
  • Part number: GA05012-2, washers (2)


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